Rise Media Network

Rise Media Network (RMN) has been conceived with pious objectives to contribute to the fast expanding media market in Nepal. With a bevy of professionals, with extensive experience and knowledge in the field, RMN purports to work with all the stakeholders on a win-win basis. At Rise Media, we render various production services covering from TV Commercials, TV Shows, Event management, Media Consultant, etc.The satisfaction of valued customers will, always, remain in the heart of RMN.  It will uphold social justice and align with righteousness. RMN will work with high integrity and contribute to our society in all possible ways. RMN assures that it will never indulge in yellow journalism. We will follow righteous journalistic path and strive to promote fair journalism's ideals so that these can contribute to our society and affect our people's life for better. We believe that peace, stability and economic progress are three prominent dimensions which ...


The problems we've solved and the bonds we've forged.


  • TV Commercials
  • TV Shows
  • Music Videos
  • Movies
  • Audio/Video Documentary
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Event Coverage
  • Photography


  • Identity & Branding
  • Marketing planning & execution
  • Marketing campaigns & media planning
  • Public Relations planning & execution (sponsorships, events, CSR, press)


  • Account management
  • Planning & creating content
  • Reporting & monitoring
  • Planning, managing and reporting on campaigns (sponsored ads, social media figures & paid posts)


  • Google ads (AdWords)
  • YouTube ads (Banners & Video ads)
  • Instagram sponsored ads
  • Twitter campaigns
Message From Chairman

With the above notes to reach the destination of making "Prosperous Nepal," we stand together with our readers, customers, critics, analyzers, reviewers, and advertisers. Therefore, together we can achieve the goal of making The progress of any country depends upon the lifestyle of its citizens.  If we take a close look at journalism worldwide lifestyle Read More




Rise Media Network (RMN) comprises of versatile team and have proficient experience in the field of media and production. The leader of the team have proven track record working at various media/production houses and digital platforms for many years. Our Board members and executive team have the composition of media personality, celebrities, marketing/banking experts, business leaders, NRNs and many. The charismatic leadership of our organization is the key element for our foster growth.