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“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker. We genuinely love what we do, and for that specific reason, the work process is not much of a heavy task for us as much as it is an adventurous journey laced with tranquility and harmony. We simply love what we do. Therefore we do it with a CREATIVE SOUL. Our dedicated team is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals, who are capable of assisting you in achieving your goals. We strive to deliver an optimum and quality services that will meet your expectations. As Creative Soul has a fully-equipped local set-up and talents who hold international expertise and modern know-how, give us an edge and a differentiation in partnering with our clients which breed success.


We understand the market and how it runs.  This in turn, gives us a working modality and set-up. Our priority is to understand the business need of our clients, their requirements and vision. We then develop creative tactics and deliver action plans accordingly to attain the desired results. Hence, at Rise Media Network (RMN) we provide one door media services pertaining to overall media and digital marketing related tasks.

Vision, Mission and Goal of Rise Media Network (RMN)


Our vision is to help change the perceptive of today’s journalism towards broader aspect of ‘Lifestyle‘ where we stand tall setting this very need important topic. We envision being the leading media house of the nation within the period of five years. 


As a mission we have a clear message to the community is that we will pursue the journalism in a different manner as ‘Lifestyle‘ is the key aspect for the nation’s progress and the main stream journalism should drive with this force rather than the political, social and the economical aspects.


At Rise Media Network our clear cut goal is to reach towards the every corner of the society and help change the lifestyle of the people bringing the prudent events of the citizens.



We believe in the Chinese saying that “a picture is equal to thousand words”. Naturally, with modern technology, a video can express much more. At CS, we are capturing the essence of all what is raw and real, with intent to take you with us through the journey of the video events:

Our other important activities will be the production of :

Radio, FM & TV Commercials – TV Shows – Music Videos – Movies- Documentaries – Info graphics – Video Clips – Corporate Videos – Social media fillers – Manage musical Shows – Event management and coverage – Media Consultant – Artist and Judge management, news telecast/broadcast, etc.


• Marketing planning & execution

• Marketing campaigns & media planning

• Public Relations planning & execution (sponsorships, events, CSR, press)


• Social media account management

• Planning & creating content

• Reporting & monitoring

• Planning, managing and reporting on campaigns (sponsored ads, social media figures & paid posts)


• Google ads (AdWords)

• YouTube ads (Banners & Video ads)

• Instagram sponsored ads

• Facebook ads.

• Twitter campaigns.


• Hostess

• Promoters

• Models

• Social Media Influencers

• Motivational Speakers


We offer ingenious design solutions that travel far beyond the lines of common ideas, to land in a world of inimitable originality.

• Brand manual

• Corporate Identity

• Creative packaging

• Logos


We have talented photographers who hold creativity to transform genuine events into memorable pictures which have the ability to captivate and draw the attention of the viewer.

• Campaign Photo Production

• Commercial Photography

• Corporate Portraits

• Food & Beverages

• Medical Photography


Aside from all the gripping details we emboss upon the events, we offer our client the joy of living through an unforgettable experience that will remain with the client for years to come.

• Grand-openings & Brand launching

• Management, production & direction

• Planning, visualizing & designing

• Manage events like the AGM, special functions, etc.

• We also provide services of photography, videography, documentary, etc. of the functions. 

Ads Booking

• Cinema

• Billboards

• Newspapers & Magazines

• TV slots


• Creative writing

• Corporate copy writing

• Effective Translation

• Slogans

Audio Production

• Voice Over recording